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The Sales Engagement Podcast

Nov 25, 2019

“Thoughts limit us, and our thoughts enable us.” If you’d read that on a Hallmark card, you’d probably keep moving. But when a clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience in organizational behavior says it, maybe it’s worth considering.

His name’s Dr. Russell Thackeray. He’s the Founder and Director of QED — an organizational development consultancy focusing on resiliency and company culture.

On this episode, Dr. Thackeray dives into the psychology of building resiliency on your sales team.

What we talked about:

  • Organizational behavior
  • How your thoughts affect behavior
  • How to teach your team to tackle difficult challenges:
    1. Turn the “impossible” into a goal
    2. Rehearse
    3. Measure the right KPIs
  • Consider the buyer first
  • Buyer’s journey/buyer’s experience
  • Working with today’s informed buyers
  • Dr. Thackeray’s 3 takeaways:
    1. It’s OK to fail 
    2. Learning is key.
    3. Double-down on what you’re best at

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